テレビ朝日系「手裏剣戦隊 ニンニンジャー」、テレビ東京系「ガンダムビルドファイターズトライ」や、ゲーム「モンスターハンタークロス」などに参加。
また、8人の和楽器奏者で構成されるユニット”AUN Jクラシック・オーケストラ”のメンバーとして、フランス・モン=サン・ミッシェル、カンボジア・アンコール・ワットなどの世界遺産ツアーや、伊勢神宮や薬師寺など日本を代表する名所での公演、NHKEテレ「にほんごであそぼ」、テレビ朝日系「題名のない音楽会」など出演多数。


Japanese instrument unit HIDE×HIDE is organized with Hideki Ishigaki, bamboo flute Shakuhachi player and Hideki Onoue, Shamisen player.
They grew up in the world of Japanese traditional music, and have the art of performance and wonderful expressiveness cultivated from infancy.
They show a fresh fascination of Japanese traditional instruments and receive a great publicity with their good-looking and visible performance.
In their 2nd Album "nostalgia"(2009/8/7 sales) that first-ever released in Japan and Russia simultaneously, they pursued a fine tone that Shakuhachi and Shamisen have, at the same time, they were expanded their own range of expression.
The emotional, dramatic performance receives also high acclaim in Russia.
Since 2009, they have participated as the backing on tour of Fuyumi Sakamoto who is Japanese traditional ballad singer.
They also participate in Japanese traditional instrument group "AUN-J Classic Orchestra" that is another project, and energetic performance is played out.
In participates in the International Music Contest "TEREM CROSSOVER 1st International Music Competition" with acoustic musical instruments held in St. Petersburg, Russia in March, 2010. Participated by the trio who added a piano player Shuhei Kamimura who were arranged all the music of their 2nd album, and they got the victory.